We all fall into that trap where we make lofty goals and then a day/week/month later we fall back into our old patterns and behaviours and then we don’t achieve our goals. People seem to think the problem is lofty goals….we are choosing goals that are too big to achieve.

I don’t know how many times I can say this, but if your goals are SMART (http://fattytraveladventures.blogspot.com/2018/01/h2p-world-shift-smart-goals.html) then the problem isn’t your goals….its your planning.

How many people have decided on January 1st that the goal for this year is to lose 20 pounds, maybe join a gym, go for a week or two (or even a whole month) then lose motivation because you haven’t achieved your goal and end up eating that double bacon cheeseburger with a side of supersize fries and large coke? Did any of those people stop to work out that to lose 20 pounds in a year they would need to lose about 1.6 pounds a month? Probably not. Are you really going to notice if you lose  two pounds a month? Probably not. Are you going to become unmotivated if you can’t see the change? Hell yes. Are you going to feel motivated if you notice that you have lost 6 pounds this month when you needed to lose 1.6 pounds to be on track? Of course.

The key to achieving your goals is planning. If we just have ideas of where we want to get to but not idea or thought as to how we are going to get there, then all we will have is an idea of where we want to be.

Let’s start with an easy goal, say we want to save $2600 between Jan 1 and Dec 31st to go on vacation from Jan 1 to 14th of the following year. Now lets work backwards. $2600 a year is saving $200 a month which is $50 a week that needs to go into our travel fund. We look at our budget and find that we are spending $10 per day on eating out for lunch and $4 a day on getting coffee from the coffee cart. That is $70 a week. We can bring our morning coffee from home (since we have copious amounts of coffee already in the cupboard that never gets consumed) and we can pack a lunch 3 days a week, so we still have the option of eating out two lunches a week. Completely doable right? That seems like good planning…but is it really? We have all seen the pitfalls where we think we have adequately planned how we are going to save that $50 a week but after 2 weeks it all goes to hell and we are back to coffee cart coffee and 5 lunches out a week and can’t figure out why. Well lets look at this a bit deeper. If we are going to make a coffee before we run out the door in the morning, did we plan to wake up 10 mins earlier to accomplish this, or did we assume we could do it while waking up at the same time? Of course we didn’t think of adding extra time to our morning to accomplish this, so we wake up at the same time, realize we are running too late to make a coffee and think “Its one day, I can just grab a coffee from the cart” and all of sudden *poof* we are back to our old habits. Now lets look at how we did packing our lunches. Did we stop and work out the meal prep and time to pack our lunches every evening? Did we pre-plan which days in the week we would go out for lunch, so that when you decide that you are too lazy to pack lunch on a Sunday evening and you have some sort of extracurricular class on Tuesday night and going out with the girls on Thursday night, you aren’t stuck eating lunch out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Did you stop to work out what you are going to have for lunch on the days you pack a lunch to make sure you have enough supplies from the grocery store? Is there anything else we haven’t thought of? Well of course we haven’t worked into our plan when we are going to request the time off so we can go away, which might be important to achieving our goals.

The success of our goals lies in our planning. The more we plan, the higher the chances of realizing our goals. Next time you want to accomplish something, look further than what it is you want, and focus on the path you need to take to get there. Work out what you need to do and in what time frame to achieve your goals. Review your plan throughout the timeline and assess if you have planned enough, where you need to amend your plans and how you are progressing.

Lofty goals are attainable….we just need to plan to get there.

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