It has been some time since you created your S.M.A.R.T. Goal, created your excellent plan on how you are going to achieve your goal and executed your plan. All done, right? Not even a little bit.

Now comes the hard part….reviewing your goals. This is an activity that you should be undertaking at least weekly just to keep focused on achieving your goals and lets you see how far along you have come.

When you are doing your goal review, if you find yourself falling short of your plan, you need to figure out why. For example, if your goal was to lose 20lbs in a year, and it is already April and you have not lost a pound yet, you should be reviewing why. One reason could be that you haven’t made choices that would help you achieve your goal. If you haven’t been working out, or eating well, then you haven’t been making the right choices. This is a chance for you to review your plan, and edit it to make it more manageable and achievable. Another reason you haven’t been on track with your goal is that you could have lost fat and inches but gained muscle mass, which might not change what the scale says but you are actually far healthier and more fit. This would be a good time to amend your goal to take into account other milestones you have achieved, like losing inches, or lowering your body fat percentage.

It is important, during these reviews to identify the root cause of any discrepancies from your plan and figure out how to rectify it. Even with some setbacks, you may still be able to achieve your goals in your desired time.

If you have tried to work on your goals alone, try having a friend / partner to hold yourself accountable to. Marcus, the founder of How To Project, was training for a competition and part of his goal was to drink a certain amount of water each day. After just a week of me holding him accountable to keeping to his plan, he was able to start holding himself accountable to achieving his goal.