Your overall assessment report score is a reflection of the existing processes, systems and culture within your organization. Effective project management increases profitability by introducing standard operating procedures to reduce wasted time, provides focus for the vision of executive leadership, all while managing day to day operations, and mitigating financial risks.

Continue reading below to learn about the four critical pillars of business and why each is part of an essential foundation for your organization.

As of last year, the average employee retention is two years.

Nearly 73% of all technical projects fail. What’s worse, is most of the time stakeholders aren’t even aware of the risks.

Creating 10 minutes of efficiency per day is the same as one extra week of time per employee per year.

Over 97% of businesses in North America are less than two weeks from bankruptcy. Nearly every company struggles with cash flow.

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Avg Score: 46%

Core values play an essential role in work culture. Emotional investment only occurs in an environment of trust and self-worth. Social enterprise represents a fundamental shift in business mindset. Mentoring,  celebration, and regular interviewing for other roles promotes historically unprecedented loyalty.



Avg Score: 73%

An aligned executive team with a vivid vision for the next 3-5 years  is what keeps stakeholders invested,  teams motivated, creates long term client relationships, and provides a strong sense of feeling on purpose. Strong leadership focuses on maintaining a quarterly and yearly business rhythm.



Avg Score: 47%

Success happens daily. Over 80% of “high-performing” projects are led by a certified project manager. Having effective teams utilizing efficient processes, systems, rewards, and celebrations, is an underutilized strategy for corporate longevity.

Invest in project management.



Avg Score: 38%

If revenue is vanity then profit is sanity. There is more to healthy financial vitality than what is showing in the bank account. Leveraging all seven financial levers effectively is what helps create a future proof business. Continually infusing capital into your organization is a strong sign of an unsustainable business model.


Oh No!

Your organization is likely in trouble. A low scoring average across all four business pillars generally indicates many high risk elements internally. Team morale is typically low, turnover high. There is no binding vision from the leadership team; no unified sense of direction. Workload is overwhelming due to poor project management, with deadlines missed and budgets blown. All of this means massive stress around cashflow, possibly even sometimes having to decide if you’re going to pay vendor invoices, or pay your team. Without swift and decisive action everything could come crumbling down around you.

Next Steps

Undoubtedly these assessment results have already provided some key insights to the overall health of your company. On your FREE strategy call you will discover:

  • how your lowest scoring business pillar is costing you time and money daily
  • your result specific critical factors for each of the four business pillars
  • where your executive is misaligned on core purpose and vision
  • how you can start to see immediate wins with better project management
  • what the next steps are to get your business healthy and profitable again

Assessment data provided by Stats Canada and the US Census Bureau. Results are amalgamated with internal data sets from prospects and clients whom have completed the assessment themselves.

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