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  • People

    Please rate each aspect of your organization below, where Strongly Agree is excellent and Strongly Disagree is in desperate need of improvement.
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    The people in our business operate as harmoniously as I know they should.
    Leadership team members recognize that they have at least one leading and one lagging metric that they are responsible for each quarter.
    We have an up-to-date accountability chart that each employee has seen in the last 90 days.
    The leadership team is consistently looking for and building relationships with talented people outside the company (even when there are no openings).
    When hiring for new positions, we employ a structured interview process to select the correct candidate.
    We measure Productivity Per Employee (PPE) and have a plan to double it over a 5-10 year period.
    Our company follows a set of clearly-defined, written, posted and continually reinforced Core Values.
    Our company's Core Purpose ('Why do we exist') is clearly defined.
    The people in our business operate as productively as I know they should.
    Given the opportunity, we would enthusiastically hire every employee all over again.