For many companies, sustainable profitability is a nightmare.

Does every employee you bring on board, every customer you acquire, and every initiative you drive feel like it exhausts the company’s time and money? Is everyone working longer hours, even though the leadership team believed there should be some economies of scale as the business grew? Does it feel like everything and everyone is just piling onto an increasingly heavier anchor that you alone are dragging through the sand?

It’s supposed to get easier. What happened?


With A.I.M. you’ll always hit the target!

Our proven three step approach (Assess, Implement, Manage) is built on the foundations of established management consulting best practices. Our team of PMP certified project managers will help facilitate a smooth transition into sustainable profitability!


The first step is to take stock of existing systems, processes, and culture. What's working? What's not? Where does the executive team believe the issues are? Does middle management agree?

Our award winning 40 point assessment evaluates organizations across the four fundamental pillars of profitability: People, Strategy, Execution, Cashflow. The results of this assessment are highly accurate and measured against past form entries, the US Census Bureau, and Stats Canada.

Your assessment results will provide overall score, results across each business pillar compared against the North American average, and some high level advice for immediate action within your organization.

For qualified scores, our specialized team can further analyze your results to segment team alignment across all management levels, as well as identify specific areas of improvement for the organization.

Your assessment is provided 100% free of charge.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete your assessment. 

Your company assessment results determine qualification for our services.

A consultation call will be scheduled with qualified prospects to determine core value alignment, budgets, timing, and known risks.

Qualified clients will receive a FREE strategic implementation plan from our specialized team. Whether or not we do business together, we want you to be equipped with the strategies needed to create and sustain elevated profitability within your organization.

The business problems you are facing are as unique as your company. Implementation budgets are 100% driven by your assessment results and project closure typically ranges from three months to three years, averaging $7,400 per month.

We are looking to do business with those who are fed up and exhausted by how things have been, and ready to commit within the next three months to doing whatever it takes to dramatically increase the profitability within their organization, and improve the lives of your team.


The strategic systems plan is in place; the teams aligned and excited. Now it's time to get to work!


Ongoing project management has shown a staggering 40% increase in change management retention.

Efficient systems leveraged with a healthy work culture are the keys to sustainable profitability. Our in-demand and highly qualified remote project managers ensure that the A.I.M. approach continues to hit the mark for years to come!

Today’s technology combined with our proven approach to project management provides great flexibility in how we meet our clients’ needs. 

Remote – our worldwide team can service you anywhere, anytime.

On Site – available in select cities

Our block model is based on hours of service and billed by monthly retainer. The hours blocked, the lower the hourly rate.

Our retainer clients gain exclusive access to our full suite of services, including, but not limited to the following:

  • systems integration and management
  • direct response marketing
  • social media ads management

We sometimes get asked, “Can we just start with project management and do implementation and assessment later if needed?”

Against our best past judgement, we’ve tried this backwards M.I.A. approach. What we found was that many things were “Missing In Action“: basic process efficiencies, a lack of internal communication practices, no ongoing financial analysis, and so much more. 

Trust us when we say we’ve spent years fine tuning our approach to things so that you don’t have to.

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