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We’ve worked hard to develop a pricing model that is sustainable, competitive, and fair. Our industry leading services command high market price, yet our satisfied clients ask us how we deliver so much value for such little investment.

If you have any pricing related sales questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] and a member of our team will be happy to respond to your inquiry with the intention of creating a lasting relationship.



DURATION: A single 8 hour session
CONTENT: Success Happens Daily, Time Tracking and Other Essential KPI (OKR), Version Control, Communication & Collaboration, Task & Project Templates, Critical Path, Resource Forecasting, Workload Management, Tagging & Category Strategies, Integrations, Business Rhythm, Meeting Agendas, Project Management Best Practices for Teamwork.

PRICE: $3,000 (plus applicable tax, if any) for up to 10 attendees. $200 per person surcharge above maximum attendee limit.

NOTES: While training sessions cover a set minimum of topics, each session is organic by nature to meet your individual needs. Teamwork Desk, CRM, and Spaces can be added to the content for the day. 


Clients appreciate our innovative and award winning FREE online self-assessment tool. Your results determine the duration for the engagement contract.

DURATION: 3 – 12 months
CONTENT: Project Management tools, systems, and processes. Work culture (distributed and on premise teams), Cashflow and other financial levers, Executive strategic alignment, whatever it takes to deliver a net profit increase of 30% or more.

PRICE: $3,000 – $7,400 per month (plus applicable tax, if any)


Flexible project management to keep your business running with optimal efficiency and profitability.

DURATION: 12 months
PRICE: 10 hours = $2,000, 20 hours = $3,000, 40 hours = $4,000 per month (plus applicable tax, if any)

NOTES: Our block model pricing eliminates surprise overages. Start with the block you think you need. Any hours beyond that automatically elevate you to the next tier and the cost savings apply to all hours for that month’s billing cycle. Retainer clients also receive exclusive access to other services, such as digital marketing, branding, social media ads management, leadership mentoring, and much more!

Our block model is based on hours of service and billed by monthly retainer. The more hours blocked, the lower the hourly rate. 

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COVID-19 NOTICE Mar 6, 2020 Please be advised that in order to protect our team and their families, remote project management and teamwork training are the ONLY services we are offering until further notice. And existing clients currently with on premise engagements can expect an immediate transition to remote work. We will be monitoring the situation carefully and updating our policies accordingly. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay sane.