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For many business leaders, scaling the business is a nightmare. Does every employee you hire, every customer you acquire, and every expansion you drive actually make you more tired? Are you working longer hours, yet you’d thought there should be some economies of scale as the business grew? Does it feel like everyone is just piling onto an increasingly heavier anchor that you alone are dragging through the sand? This isn’t what you up for. It’s supposed to get easier as you scale, so what happened?

You are experiencing the Growth Paradox.


How to Project is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and implementing, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

  • International – our clients can be found around the globe

  • Practical programs – we encourage learning and growth

  • People first – education should be fun

Whether you prefer in person  live sessions or remote online interactive training, our programs are available to suit your needs and timing.


Practical, hands-on, business training programs that are so effective that every client knows with conviction they can achieve limitless results.

Set the intention. Do the work. See the results. It’s a three step process that very few apply to their day to day lives. It’s this consistency of communication and accountability that make the difference between the 0.04% to break ten million in annual revenue and the rest of the world.

Our level of commitment to you and your team is so high that we promise the following results from working with us for 12 consecutive months: 2x revenue, 3x profitability, industry leading valuation, more free time along the way.

At How to Project, our team is of one belief in how we conduct ourselves in and out of the office. We tenaciously hold to the highest standard of integrity no matter where we are, for the company is us, and we are the company. Integrity is born of our heartfelt commitment to inspire others through genuine caring and compassion, in any and every capacity.

Regardless of time of day, our unrelenting work ethic is matched only by our consistent efforts to leave every life better off than we found it. We are here to actively listen, with unconditional gratitude and an unwavering confidence in our core purpose, bringing unbridled joy to all that interact with us.

We believe there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. This encourages taking responsibility for our choices and empowers us to grow as individuals and as an organization, always reaching, always moving forward, always open to new ideas.

Everything is a project.

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