We all do it. We all make mistakes. We all deviate from the plan. We all make poor decisions. It is inevitable and unavoidable so we may as well learn how to deal with it. 

First, OWN IT. If you make a mistake the best way through it is to own up that it was your mistake. Nothing is worse than going through life wondering when the hammer is going to drop because someone found your mistake. Once you own it as yours you can stop worrying about it and move on to step two. 

Second, FIX IT. Mistakes happen, we all know that and accept it. When you make a mistake, be part of the solution. Suggest how to fix the problem and if you can’t learn how so next time it happens (and trust me, there will always be a next time) you can help fix the problem. Nothing is worse than a person who makes the same mistake over and over and is not helpful at all in the solution. 

Second, LEARN FROM IT. Making mistakes isn’t the problem. It is how we learn and grow. Every mistake is a teaching opportunity . As long as you learn something from each mistake, you are never making a mistake but learning how to not do something. In the past month I have been working on a spreadsheet and in the past month I have learned about 98 ways in which I don’t want the spreadsheet to work. I am still working on the way I want it to work, but at least I don’t have to worry about those other 98 ways anymore. 

Finally, MOVE ON. Don’t dwell on your mistake. Don’t let it consume you. Don;t let it ruin your confidence. You are a smart, competent, capable individual and you have the capacity to learn and grow. There is no reason why one of two setbacks should make you feel like anything less than the awesome you are. There may be 99 ways to skin a cat, but finding the one that works best for you shouldn’t make you feel like you can’t skin a cat.