Core Values Hiring

With an average of 16 per cent, Canada ranks among the top countries in terms of employee turnover, according to a study by LinkedIn of its members in 2017.  For small and medium business (smb), that can be the difference between a growing cashflow cushion and scrambling to get by.

How do you attract and keep quality people? The answer is far more simple than you may think.

  1. Stop saying it’s hard to find quality people. Whether you believe in God, karma, the universe, energy, or the grand tomato, one thing is certain; words have power. Unfiltered, raw, power straight to your subconscious mind. Guess what happens when you keep programming your subconscious mind to believe it’s hard to find quality people? That’s right. You will continue to struggle to find quality people.
  2. Examine the trends and metrics you’ve gathered while you’ve been in business to see which qualities are desirable and which are not. This is quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  3. Look internally. Do you perform exit surveys when staff leave? Do you know why they left? Maybe there are areas within your business that need to be improved to retain quality people. Typically if this is your focus, a simple rewards and recognition program can go a long way to increasing loyalty.
  4. Know your Why. What is your Why? It’s the reason you’re in business in the first place. Something other than money drove you to choose the business you’re in. If you’re not sure what your why is, then how can you be sure of what to expect from others. Your Why Statement informs your core values. Without core values, what differentiates you from your competitors?
  5. Interview according to your core values. If I were interviewing with you for a job and you showed me your core values then asked if I agreed to these, of course I am going to say yes. I want the job! Instead, ask open-ended questions that will demonstrate core values in action. My favourite question to ask at interviews is “What irritates you the most about people?”
  6. Hire fewer people. And reward them more. That could mean higher pay, more vacation time, profit sharing. Be creative.
  7. Use an HR service. Sometimes we are simply not paying attention, or too biased, or too busy, to do our own hiring. Using a qualified and objective third party is a wonderful way to ensure you attract the right people.

Further to these six points, examine, the image below. Clearly a candidate that scores low in both core values and skills is not one to be hired. The ideal candidate is high in both core values and in skills and is to be hired immediately if you are committed to your business growth. Where this image becomes interesting is when we look at the other two quadrants, “High Core Values/Low Skill” and “High Skill/Low Core Values”. To yourself you are saying “Of course I’d hire the High Core Values/Low Skill candidate”. Yet if you don’t know your why and haven’t defined your core values, chances are you’re hiring based on skill alone, meaning you likely end up with the “High Skill/Low Core Values” candidates. These people are toxic to your business.

One more thing about Core Values

Remember, it’s not enough to say Integrity, Honesty, Strong Work Ethic, etc. Those are empty platitudes unless you define them with detail. For example, our corporate Prime Core Value is Inspiration. What does that mean to us? To leave every life better off than we found it. Context is everything.

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