Dear great grandpa, thank you.

We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Their lives fade like footsteps in the sand, but their impact ripples through generations.

Life is fleeting. In just a century from now, everything that currently feels so permanent and important will be lost to the mist of time. Our names will likely fade, our greatest feats forgotten, our most prized possessions turned to dust. We flicker into existence for a brief moment, then vanish just as quickly.

Sobering? Definitely. But also liberating.

This simple truth frees us from the burden of legacy. It allows us to live for today, not for the gaze of history or future generations. We can let go of ego and stop seeking status or accolades that will soon disappear anyway.

Instead, we have permission to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment. To appreciate the temporary miracles all around us. To nurture our connections today. And most importantly, to define success and meaning on our own terms, not through external markers.

This shift in mindset is powerful beyond measure. Consider this – do you know the name of your grandfather’s father? Most don’t. He was probably a successful guy in his time, had a full rich life, mattered to his family and community. But here we are, mere decades later, and his legacy has evaporated. His name just a mystery.

And the same fate ultimately awaits each of us. Even the greatest figures – renowned leaders, brilliant creators, legendary athletes – they too will be largely forgotten given enough time.

As the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius wrote: “In a hundred years, everything here will be dust and bones.”

What joy comes when we release attachment to legacy and embrace the temporariness of life! This truth allows us to redirect motivation away from shallow achievements defined by others and instead channel energy into profound experiences defined by our hearts.

Our time here is tragically brief, but within these fleeting decades, we can choose to live with wild enthusiasm. We can opt to be fully present and make each ordinary moment extraordinary. We can laugh loudly, love boldly, and never hold back from embracing every precious opportunity we’re given.

The Zen Buddhist teacher Cheri Huber puts it beautifully:

“The most important moments of your life are the ones you choose to live fully present and awake. These moments do not remain; they arise from nothing and pass away…If you don’t care about getting credit for them, they drift away like dreams at dawn.”

When we release attachment to legacy and future validation, we open ourselves to the fullness of now.

Of course, this does not mean we must abandon all goals and ambition. We can still dream audaciously and strive passionately. But pursuing great feats simply for the sake of glory that will slip through our fingers is futile. Instead, we can ground ourselves in the intrinsic rewards of growth, mastery and contribution that enrich our lives today, regardless of future acclaim.

As the prolific artist Chuck Close advised: “Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work. And the belief that things will grow out of the activity itself and that you will — through work — bump into other possibilities and kick open other doors that you would never have dreamt of if you were just sitting around looking for a great ‘art idea.’”

In other words, show up fully, live purposefully, and let your legacy tend to itself.

Practically speaking, how can we implement this mindset shift and live more meaningfully day-to-day? Here are a few ideas:

Appreciate the Present

  • Savour ordinary moments and interactions fully rather than racing to the next milestone or achievement.
  • Bring full awareness to your senses – notice details of sights, textures, sounds and smells.
  • Pause frequently to take in the temporary miracles all around you that will soon be gone.

Nurture Connections

  • Recognize that your fleeting time with loved ones is precious. Don’t take it for granted.
  • Express appreciation and affections openly. Save nothing for tomorrow.
  • Leave small acts of kindness wherever you go. A smile, helping hand or grateful note can lift someone’s entire day.

Release Attachments

  • Don’t get caught up chasing possessions, titles and status symbols that will ultimately mean nothing.
  • Embrace simplicity. Clear away clutter and busyness to create space for what truly matters.
  • Practice letting go of expectations and needing to control outcomes. Flow with life’s changes.

Follow Your Heart

  • Live from your inner wisdom, not the dictates of society. The only legacy that endures is authenticity.
  • Make choices based on passion and purpose rather than pressure or prestige.
  • View your life as a unique work of art. Craft it with creativity, courage and care without need for acclaim.

Of course, these are just a few thoughts to spur reflection. The opportunities to infuse everyday moments with more mindfulness and meaning are endless.

Now, even with this focus on living in the now, you may still be wondering – does this perspective imply we should not care about making a positive difference in the world that outlasts us?

Here’s an uplifting truth – our efforts can absolutely have a lasting positive impact, even if our names fade. Meaningful change need not equate to eternal change. The key is focusing on tangible good we can create here and now versus pursuing abstract legacy.

Think of a teacher who selflessly nurtures generations of students, none who may remember her name, but all made better by her influence. Or consider everyday environmental choices that compound to preserve ecosystems for decades to come.

Our actions send ripples of goodness into the universe that persist long beyond our lifespans. We just need to remain humble and grounded in helping the world today, not hung up on acclaim tomorrow.

And just as importantly, when we act from the heart rather than ego, we inspire others who observe to do the same. Our ripple inspires more ripples we never see. This is how goodness compounds.

Where will you leave your ripple mark? How can you uplift your community and our shared world in this precious window of time allotted to you? Pursue causes that light you up inside and do so for the love of helping.

Your legacy will thus be defined not by fame, but by acts of human service and moral courage. Quiet heroes who uplift humanity do so out of love, not lust for laurels. And by focusing on present good, you ensure your work resonates across decades to come, whether your name persists or not.

History recalls very few, but goodness persists in those made better by our brief flicker through this world.

And so, as we reflect on life’s fleeting nature, remember that our light shines brightest when we cast aside fear and embrace fully the gift we’ve been given.

Appreciate those whose sacrifices enabled your breath. And breathe purpose into each moment to uplift those yet to come.

Let death’s inevitability free you to live more boldly.

Let life’s temporariness remind you to love more openly.

Let go of controlling how you’ll be remembered, and instead focus on remembering what truly matters while you’re still here.

Cherish each moment, uplift each life you can, and leave this world a little brighter for your time in it.

Do this, and you achieve immortality over which no grave can claim victory.

Our names will one day be etched onto weathered stone, just as the names before us faded.

But our spirits endure forever in those we uplifted during our flicker through life.

This is the only legacy that truly stands the test of time.

October 2, 2023

Marcus Dickinson

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