Project managers know that their work is constrained by scope, time, and cost. Project teams are expected to deliver on all three counts and to adjust one when the others change. Successful project teams, however, are able to overcome the limits of these constraints. That happens when project managers successfully manage people and processes by using the right tools and the right management principles. This is what we mean by emotional investment.

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Teamwork.com is a complete project management, support management, and team communication suite. We’ve worked with them since the beginning and they rely on our expertise for their customers.



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Our proven leadership and experience in sustainable strategic change provides solutions for your organization to elevate success.


People are the most important part of your business. We understand people, and more importantly, how to attract and keep the right ones.


We have never backed down from a challenge. We will always stand for what we believe is right. We do not quit until the work is done to satisfaction.

The Teamwork Projects training was really interesting. Learning the benefits of project transparency really helped us organize the workflow in our office.

Adriana Cabello, EastWest Architecture

With very clear and professional trainers, we quickly learned that How to Project training is not just about a given platform, but about project management and business acumen. This training rocks!

Though I’ve been in the digital marketing industry for a while, I’ve never seen such an efficient approach to workflow management. How to Project delivers above and beyond expectation.

Understanding that there are common industry standards of operation, while having our deficiencies brought on display, was a humbling key learning experience. While I stare at “Hope is not a strategy” written on our wall, I am anxious to implement these changes company-wide, to take this agency to the next level!

Just went you thought you were being efficient, How to Project comes in and shows you a thousand ways to be even better. My mind was overwhelmed by the end of training, but the How to Project has always been there to answer questions since.

Jennifer Swoish, MiRems

Risk Management. Learning all the phases of a project and the potential pitfalls to mitigate beforehand was a critical step in our learning of better process. Our thanks to the How to Project team.

Leslie Hall, MiRems

Sure, the training was good. What impressed me was the trainer’s willingness to accept critical feedback, to be able to change streams during training to make it fit our needs and wants on the fly.

Richard Pinilla, Mummaw & Associates

I’d never really understood just how important the big picture was until our training. Resource forecasting, workload management and other project management strategies were brought to focus to help elevate our future success.

Renee Johnally, Mummaw & Associates

I didn’t believe either of the stats presented early on: “80% of all industries share repeatable tasks” and “We’re going to save you at least 30% on your operational time and costs” I’m pleased to say how wrong I was. Templating is one of the best things I’ve ever learned and our business is thriving. Thanks to the How to Project team!

Chris Davidson, Active Presence

I’m not one to easily change my mind. I’m happy to say that my perspective on the use of project milestones has been dramatically altered for the better. Well done, How to Project.

Jennifer Ferguson, The Arbor Company

Where to even start? The How to Project team has ignited a passion in me not only for managing projects better, but to invigorate our entire industry! Every time I reach out to the How to Project team, I know I’ll be smiling ear to ear that day.

We hired How to Project for some help with data visualization. Even though our project was under tight deadlines, their team delivered not only what we asked for, but provided great suggestions along the way, many of which were implemented in short order.

Renee Smith, Parking Boxx

I’ve been working with How to Project for over three years. In that time I can’t begin to express my gratitude for their expertise. I know without hesitation that when I put my project management needs into their hands, things get done right the first time. That’s one less headache to deal with.

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