The Stone Age Called…They Want Their Business Models Back

“Companies that operate with a legacy mindset are doomed to go the way of the dinosaurs.”

Paul Bruno, Global Lead of Mobility Solutions at Accenture

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to get simple tasks done with companies stuck in the past? We all have. Despite living with incredible innovations, most customer experiences remain firmly trapped in the stone ages.

In this passionate exploration, we’ll dive deep on:

  • The backward business practices driving us crazy
  • Why these outdated ways endure
  • The costs of clinging to the past
  • A rally cry for change
  • Steps to guide companies into the modern era

If you’ve ever felt like you’re dealing with digital dinosaurs, you’ll resonate with this energetic push against the rampant relics of business past holding us back today! Let’s embark on an enthusiastic quest to make progress top priority.

The Prehistoric Practices Driving Us CRAZY

Let’s start by getting fired up over the stone age systems we regularly encounter…

“Hey Siri, why can’t my bank funds be processed on weekends or holidays? Do their computers need a break too?”

Hilarious, but sadly it captures truth! Even in 2023, banking practices resemble 1057AD. The technology for 24/7 self-service exists, but isn’t used. Instead, bankers cling to past ways serving themselves over customers, maximizing every possible investment penny. Makes your blood boil, right?

You’re not alone feeling baffled. 63% of account holders growth increasingly frustrated by disjointed digital and in-person banking experiences falling short of expectations. Minimal changes only increase cynicism around false promises to “improve” that never manifest.

What about needing to visit your “home branch” for basic transactions in an era of interconnected systems? It seems bankers operate with carrier pigeons instead of digital networks!

Or calling customer service only to navigate endless phone trees to reach an outsourced agent following rigid scripts unrelated to your actual issue? Blood pressure rising…

Then there’s incompetent technical help, irrelevant targeted ads, thoughtless form letters, and so many other stale business practices that leave us raging.

Of course, new banking customers frequently enjoy enticing offers to get them in the door as clients initially. However, those ever-important existing account holders who have stood loyal by that bank for years rarely see retention efforts on the same level.

Does this sound familiar?

92% report experiencing major annoyances that erode brand loyalty significantly. The costs of outdated systems grow clearer every day – but core problems persist.

And it’s not just with banks.

It Goes Deeper Than Bad Tech

Underpinning all these frustrating surface-level experiences lies a tangled web of cultural influences shaping organizational behaviours and stagnating modernization.

Let’s explore the root causes allowing stone age practices to stubbornly endure:

Complacency & Risk Aversion

Sticking to “what worked before” feels safest for companies resistant to change. But this short-term comfort creates blind spots shielding them from understanding shifting consumer expectations and demands for innovation.

Kodak dominated the analog film industry for over a century before digital photography disrupted everything. Did they pivot to stay ahead? No. Arrogant complacency in outmoded systems led to losing relevancy and going bankrupt. Many traditional organizations fall into the same trap of failing to future-proof.

Narrow Perspectives & Information Silos

Specialized departments in most companies have narrow perspectives. Like castles, data stays confined within walls of each internal silo unable to flow. No one can see the full landscape from the customer viewpoint to align experiences.

Leadership might believe new initiatives respond to consumer friction points, but policies get watered down by middle managers clinging to past protocols. The C-suite remains sealed off from realities on the frontlines.

Misaligned Values & Priorities

Shareholder returns, cost savings and outdated metrics often dominate strategic focus over customer experience and innovation. People follow priorities set at the top – leaving modernization a distant afterthought.

Wells Fargo emphasized cross-selling without compensating incentives. This led employees scrambling to open millions of fake accounts just to meet unrealistic targets without regard for morality or consumers. What mattered most got lost.

Yes, invisible forces block organizations from emerging from the stone ages. But we cannot afford to accept the status quo any longer.

The Price of Inaction

Clinging to past comfort zones has consequences as inaction breeds destruction. Everyone pays the price for stone age business models dragging down advancement:

Customers Face Painful Experiences

Frustrating, disjointed engagement fails modern expectations for seamless service. It steals time, drains energy, erodes loyalty, provokes consumer outrage and damages brand reputations.

Employees Grow Dissatisfied

Staff get demoralized and burnt out being unable to provide good service constricted by barriers baked into rigid structures, metrics and culture. Talent bleeds away.

Innovation Gets Stifled

Absence of outside ideas and agility to respond to market changes causes decay. Outdated models collapse in disruption. Blockbuster ignored Netflix and went bankrupt while peers transformed to stay relevant.

Complacency strangles innovation everywhere. Borders Books dug in on physical stores instead of adapting to ebooks and online retail. They disappeared while Amazon soared integrating digital.

Giants who rule one era by resisting evolution often topple. Will lagging organizations choose transformation before time runs out?

A Rally Cry to Abandon the Stone Ages!

The costs of clinging to past ways are clear. Modernization delayed means potential prosperity destroyed.

Visionary businesses abandon practices chaining them to bygone eras incompatible with current experiences customers demand and employees expect.

Leaders must rise up as bold champions leading the charge towards better systems aligned to consumer needs. Risk-taking instead of risk-aversion lights the path forward.

Needed today are disruptive change-makers challenging status quo complacency holding organizations back. Every person must spark a personal fire within for progress and rekindle dormant flames among peers. Unleash fiery passion for advancement through all levels.

Stone ages only persist when good people stand by silently accepting the situation. Inaction enables dysfunction. But we can pivot the path going forward…

Are you ready to join as allies pushing organizations into the future? Blaze forward with me as we imaginize what awaits when fresh worldviews take hold…

The Winds of Change Beckon

Exciting frontiers show what happens when visionaries abandon past constraints and embrace possibility thinking. What bold new practices might emerge?

Seamless Cross-Channel Experiences

Interconnected engagement meets customers anywhere through unified platforms combining digital ease with human connection.

Boundless Transparency

Information flows freely across once walled-off domains enabling collaboration around consumer requirements. Leadership dequeues employee feedback.

Fluid Responsiveness

Real-time data guides decisions and resource allocation tailored to emerging demands instead of guessed projections.

Value-Driven Prioritization

Customer experience and innovation sit atop strategic objectives fueling growth. Short-term profits balance with long-term investments.

Empowered Workforces

Staff have training, insights and authority to solve issues on the frontlines instead of restricted by outdated rules.

The list goes on and on of what flexible organizations functioning with modern mindsets can deliver that rigid stone age models can’t.

Yet leaders must still take courageous risks to manifest this reality. Hard decisions with short-term hits await those playing the long-game. Will you accept temporary losses to elevate consumer and employee experiences 10x in the future?

If so, a new world beckons filled with incredible potential. The epoch ahead goes far beyond what we settle for today. I implore you to take up the call and step forward.

Now comes the moment we’ve been waiting for as progress unlocks prosperity.

Are you ready to join the crusade to abandon yesterday and build tomorrow?

What “stone age practices” will you start breaking down today to clear space for better ways ahead?

The world is ready for visionaries to guide the way. But transformation starts from within the culture, not forced externally. We need you to radiate ripples of change where you are right now.

Challenges will arise yet possibilities await those taking courageous action guided by moral compass rather than passive logic. Progress manifests slowly then suddenly. Where will you plant seeds today for harvests of humanity’s higher nature tomorrow?

I could continue this passionate call to action for thousands more words. But now I pass the torch to you, bold change-maker. Momentum starts when we stop waiting for mass movements or perfect timing.

Let this message resonate in your spirit and stir you to abandon acquiescence of “what is” and pursue “what could be” with relentless zeal. Transform stone ages still blocking human potential through steadfast commitment to imagine then realize breakthrough visions centered on our shared hopes.

The stones that form organizational barriers today become building blocks for monuments to prosperity tomorrow when placed by caring hands guided by love’s timeless wisdom.

Now is the era for big dreams and courageous belief in innate goodness ready to emerge through progressive pioneers. What part will you play in this great awakening?

The past fades when audacious souls dare to turn dreams into plans then plans into reality. Abraham Lincoln said it best: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” The choice is ours.

I leave you with hearty faith that ripples of bold light will illuminate once dim spaces. Needed transformations start with individual conviction that a better world awaits then manifests through unified action. Progress unfolds one awakened mind at a time.

“The future belongs to those who set the rules and pioneer uncharted territory, not those clinging to standard practices or complaining about why things can’t change.”

Michael Simmons, Modern Machiavelli

Let today mark the moment in history you stepped forward as part of this human evolution. Blaze trail into uncharted frontiers calling pioneers ready to envision and build the better tomorrow in our hearts. The present crisis contains seeds of opportunity. Destiny calls for visionaries to let go fears and limitations then answer.

Heed the call.

December 5, 2023

Marcus Dickinson

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