We’re All Good Here

75% of marketing agencies describe their current systems and processes as ‘highly inefficient’, yet only 23% have plans to implement solutions in the next year.

Like a broken record, marketing agencies insist “We’re all good here!” when sales reps call. But behind their cheerful facades, agencies are drowning in wasted time, lost revenue, and dissatisfied clients. 

Like an ostrich with its head in the sand, agency leaders block out criticism and rationalize away dysfunction. “Sure, our project visibility is basically null,” they say, “but have you seen our extra-chunky mission statement bookmarks?”

In truth, research shows 75% of agency resources get sucked into a black hole of pointless meetings, redundant work, and miscommunications. But agencies plod on unchanged, as if mere positivity can ward off disruption. 

“We threw motivational posters all over the office,” executives boast. “Employee churn is spiraling out of control? Why dwell on the negatives?”  

This stubborn commitment to mediocrity has dire consequences. As legendary coach Vince Lombardi said, “If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.”

Consider agencies who resist centralizing systems and continue manually tracking campaigns in various siloed spreadsheets. When asked about the wasted hours spent reconciling scattered data, one agency principal says: 

“It’s a fun weekly puzzle for the team! Plus, the total lack of visibility into our performance helps keep expectations reasonable.”

Very reasonable indeed. Without proper tracking, agencies leave massive amounts of potential value on the table. But why get distracted by things like optimizing client spend? There are memes to share!

Many agency leaders dangerously ignore telltale signs like declining productivity and rising churn. “Our employees seem strangely unhappy,” one executive muses, “But our Hawaiian Shirt Fridays send a clear message of fun!”

Today’s workers don’t want hollow fun. Per a Harris poll, 91% of employees value learning and career growth over “fun gimmicks.” Yet agencies continue losing top talent while refusing to nurture skills and provide upward mobility.

“If someone wants to learn, they can order a book on Amazon,” one agency principal scoffs. “Now who’s up for rollerblading in the office?”

63% of digital companies experience employee churn of 15% or higher each year, costing up to $200 million in annual recruiting and retraining costs.

This willful avoidance of problems only breeds dysfunction. Today’s savvy clients can recognize disorganization and stagnation a mile away. “If you’re not constantly improving your business model, your competitors will be.” – Alexander Osterwalder, business model innovation expert

Yet agencies continue giving clients lackluster results, while insisting “We’re all good here!” as profits and credibility erode. 

The tragic part? There are proven solutions available, like Teamwork.com for centralized visibility and seamless collaboration. But change requires admitting imperfection, which fragile egos simply can’t handle. 

So the mediocre status quo continues, with agencies clinging to what worked back when MySpace was hot. In the wise words of John Wooden, “If you’re not changing, you’re not improving.”

The data paints a clear picture: without reinvention, these agencies will soon go the way of the fax machine. The future belongs to the agile, not the complacent. As software dev legend Joel Spolsky says, “All companies are technology companies, whether they know it or not.”

Behind claims of “we’re all good here,” many agencies are anything but. However, with courage, humility and tools for seamless teamwork, reinvention is possible. As Robert Kiyosaki says, “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire.” For agencies ready to evolve, brighter days lie ahead. The time for teamwork is now.

August 14, 2023

Marcus Dickinson

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